The Director

Jon Rizzo

Jonathan began shaping his career in film through studies of aesthetic response as a musician. He graduated from Vermont’s Burlington College with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Transpersonal Psychology while at the same time gaining valuable experience with 16mm film and the latest video technology. Jonathan spent three years with Emmy winning director Denis O’Brien of Verde Group Films, working his way from production assistant to director and producer of regional television commercials. Today as a Director of Photography in Boston, he has worked on over one hundred and fifty projects (not including over 600 interviews with TTN-HD) and includes among his work award winning commercials, shorts, promotional videos and feature films. Jonathan also was recently the recipient of an official resolution for excellence in film making from the city of Boston and an official resolution for excellence in film making from the state of Massachusetts.


Director/Executive Producer

Medford TV 3, The Spiritual View, High Def, 2011

Medford TV 3, Angels Lighthouse, High Def, 2010

Medford TV 3, New Age Connections, High Def/Mini DV, 2009


Boston Neighborhood Network, My Summer in the City, High Def, 2011

Lasell College, Come to Lasell, High Def, 2010

Shalhavit-Simcha Cohen, Unmiserable, High Def, 2010

Eastern Naserine College, Discover your Purpose, High Def, 2009

 H.O.B.Y., Promotional Video, High Def, 2009, Mix Master Mike, High Def, 2009

Champlain Valley Fair, Motocross, High Def, 2009

Seven Seas Whale Watch, Come for a Tour, High Def, 2009

Countryside Veternary Hospital, Hospital Tour, High Def, 2009

Jonathan Rizzo & Joseph Kos, Fiore, High Def, 2008

Andrew Paretti, The Hunter Pt. 3, Mini DV, 3D, 2008

Champlain Valley Fair, More, More, More Campaign, High Def, 2007

American Fitness Center, Fitness, Mini DV, 2007


Jonathan Rizzo, Learn from the Master, 16mm, 2011

Post-It (3M), There’s a Note for That, High Def, 2008

Silent Mind, Promo Video, High Def, 2008

Jonathan Rizzo, Scenes from Real Life, 16mm, High Def, Mini DV, 2008

China Express, Ching Chang Chong Campaign, High Def, 2007

Levi’s Jeans, Some See More Action, High Def, 2007

Jonathan Rizzo, Vertical Horizon, 16mm, 2005

Jonathan Rizzo, Winnie the Wonder Dog, 16mm, 2005

Jonathan Rizzo, Stop! He Stole My Purse, High 8, 2004

Jonathan Rizzo, King of the West, 16mm, 2004

Jonathan Rizzo, Evan’s Way, High 8, 2003

Beta Gamma Epsilon, Frat Life, High 8, 2003

Director of Photography

CQ4 Productions, The Intensive, High Def, 2010

Joseph Pellegrino, Best Performance, High Def, 2009


Tha Tech Network (, over 600 Interviews throughout

Boston, MA, Los Angeles, CA and Toronto, including 4 Oscar Winners, 2009-current


Patriot Law Group, Patriot Justice, High Def, 2011

Boston Segway Gliders, Training Video and Stock Footage, High Def, 2011

Advanced Technology Design, Table Promo, High Def, 2008

Casting Director

Vermont State Employee Credit Union, More Membership Possibilities, High Def, 2007

Heritage Ford and Toyota, Family Campaign, High Def, 2006

Kinney Drugs, Drive-In, High Def, 2010

Other Positions Held:

Media Distribution, Assistant Director, Camera Operator, Production Manager/Pyrotechnics, Assistant to the Director, Boom Operator, Assistant to the Producers, Effects Coordinator, Production Assistant, Special Effects Crew, Boom Operator, Assistant to the Director, Key Grip, Lead Actor, Writer

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